Residential Pest Control

Protect Your Home

We go above and beyond simply inspecting the inside of your home. We take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one by also focusing on the exterior of the house. Your home interior will be thoroughly inspected to find out where the pests are hiding and eliminate them at the source.

Our proactive approach involves perimeter protection around the exterior of your home to keep those annoying pests from re-entering your home. You have the convenience of choosing from several different pest control plans. Our service plans are designed to fit your specific needs and your budget. We’ll start by inspecting the interior and exterior of your home, and then recommend the treatment that will work best for your situation. Our primary plans cover all common crawling household pests such as roaches, spiders and ants.


Service Plans

No long-term contracts are required. Your service plan can be:

Designed to maximize the effectiveness of our pest control by providing a fresh treatment every 30 days, this is an effective way to control mosquitoes and some types of roaches.

Designed to mainly control exterior pests such as ants, roaches and spiders by maintaining a barrier and re-treating the area every 90 days.

This plan is ideal for houses that rarely have a problem and only need to be visited twice a year to control common pests.

Do you experience a particular pest problem every year at about the same time? You’ll benefit from treatment every 12 months, approximately 30 days before the anticipated return of those pesky visitors.


If you’ve never used our pest control services before, be sure to check out our Monthly Family Plan especially for new customers. We’re confident that once you’ve experienced our outstanding customer service you’ll never go anywhere else! Please note APS does not provide service for the elimination of gophers or moles. 

We offer discounts for senior citizens, first responders, as well as active or retired service members.

Call us today, if you are in need of expert pest control for your home or business. Emergency service is available!  (903) 752-2268

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