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Rodent Exclusion

Rodent Exclusion

APS is the #1 Rat & Rodent Exterminators in East Texas.

APS Rat and Rodent Control has experience in all types of rodent removal. We offer a Free Inspection to give you solutions that are fast and effective in protecting your home or business from rodents, including mice and rats. Our technicians protect your property by targeting rodent populations at an early stage.

Get your Free Rat Inspection today!

Protecting your home from mice, rats, rodents, raccoons, skunks, possums and other unwanted visitors to your home, office, business or land is out specialty.  APS is fully equipped to assist you 24/7 with the assessment & removal of these rodents.
You always want to give way to caution because many of these rodents & critters could be carrying many diseases like rabies, or some other issue. Call us immediately at (903)752-2268 and we will help you get the right answers that you need.

What about other animals other than those that are not normally seen everyday.

Some wildlife that comes into contact humans and homes need to be handled by Wildlife Professionals. Check out our Wildlife page for information on how to get something done quickly.
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