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APS Pest and Termite Extermination is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience in East Texas. Servicing Residential and Commercial with our 100% Guarantee. “Our 100% Guarantee ensures that if you encounter any bugs, we stand by our service and will promptly return to inspect and address the source of the issue. Customer satisfaction and a pest-free environment are our top priorities.”

At APS Pest and Termite Extermination, we understand that pests can be persistent and difficult to completely eradicate. That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive prevention strategies to keep them at bay for the long term. Our custom plans are designed to address the recurring nature of pest infestations and provide you with peace of mind.

We offer four different extermination plans, each tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers:

  1. APS Family Plan:  Pest and Rodent Control. This plan includes regular quarterly inspections and treatments to create a barrier against common pests. Upon your first initial appointment-we will identify where there are potential entry points, offer suggestions to prevent future entry &  treat problem areas to prevent infestations before they occur.
  2. APS Family Pro Plan: Building on the Family Plan, our Pro Plan offers quarterly treatments and monitoring. For Special cases –for more persistent pests-i.e., snakes, scorpions, raccoons, and possums that are common in East Texas. Our Experienced & Licensed Team will customize a plan to target specific pests that are common in your area, ensuring comprehensive protection for your home. If you are a current ‘Sentricon’ residential customer then this is the plan for you.
  3. New ‘Sentricon’ Customer with  APS Family Pro Plan: Pest Control-offers enhanced protection against a wide range of pests. In addition to regular quarterly inspections and treatments, this plan includes additional services such as termite monitoring and exclusion techniques to keep pests out for good, as well as mosquito protection.
  4. New Home Construction: APS is your #1 Pest and Termite Extermination Company in East Texas-with our Exclusive Science-backed products featuring ‘Sentricon ‘ or ‘Termidor’ – your home or business is covered with our Termite Warranty (Bond).  Ask your Professionally Trained Technician.

Every home and business has different pest control needs and with our ‘Family or Superior plans, you can trust that your home will be safeguarded against pests year-round. Call us  today at (903)752-2268 to learn more about our prevention options and keep your home and yard pest free.

Guaranteed Pest Control Solutions

APS Pest and Termite Extermination’s commitment to environmentally responsible and affordable pest control for over 25 years Our company has diligently served neighborhoods with expertly trained professionals capable of handling a wide array of pest issues. Whether you opt for the convenience and peace of mind services offered by our tailored to your needs–every month, every 3 months or other service options that are perfect for your home or business; APS Pest and Termite Exterminations’ team ensures effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Pest Control Services
Serving all of East Texas including Tyler, Flint, including Lake Palestine, Lindale, Mineola, Pittsburg, Longview, Kilgore, White Oak, Noonday, Winona, Gilmer, Big Sandy, and many more. Just call us!

APS Pest and Termite Extermination

The Best Pest Control for Keeping Your Family Safe & No Pest Free.

APS Pest and Termite Extermination is a leading provider of comprehensive pest control, rodent eradication, and termite extermination services. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Guaranteed Pest Control Solutions

Termite Control

APS Pest and Termite Extermination brings the No. 1 brand in termite protection.

The Sentricon® system is scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony — including its queen.

Backed by more than 60 scientific and 30 independent research studies, Sentricon is the only termite control product proven time and again to eliminate entire colonies.

East Texas is unlike many other areas in Texas, so many homes have outside buildings as well as Metal buildings for working.  We focus on the entire area from under the ground to the soil all around the perimeter.  We are Professionally trained and fully licensed by Sentricon. We are #1 in Termite Extermination in East Texas.

Why Choose Us

APS offers a comprehensive rodent control program to keep your home or business free of unwanted visitors.

East Texas has plenty of critters to cause damage to your home or business.

Dedicated Certified Sentricon Specialists® at your service

Being recognized by Sentronic as Sentricon Specialists® speaks volumes about APS Pest and Termite Extermination’s commitment to excellence and expertise in pest control. Hand-picked by Sentricon, a reputable company in the field, APS Pest and Termite Extermination’s specialists are trained to provide top-notch Sentricon service. By trusting the companies trusted by Sentricon, you’re ensuring that your most valuable asset is protected with the highest level of care and professionalism.

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APS Pest and Termite Extermination is a Full Service Company with our office hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. We are available by Phone, Text or Chat at the bottom right hand corner. Simply click on the button and you are instantly connected to us at the office.

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