Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife Removal Services

APS Wildlife Removal Services are for your home, business, or land.

Let Us Protect Your Home

When a wild animal invades your property, it threatens your family’s security and steals your peace of mind.

Have you encountered:

The sound of wings flapping or feet tapping in your attic? 
A foul smell coming from your indoor air vents?
A wild animal creeping around the kids’ sandbox?

APS Pest Control offers wildlife removal services in Lindale & Tyler, TX to restore the peace in your home. Call us to schedule a home inspection today.

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We Care About Your Home’s Safety

Feeling afraid to go to sleep, stay home alone, or let your kids play outside is just plain wrong. If an unwelcome animal has made a home on your property, we are here to help.

APS Guaranteed Pest Solutions is a professional wildlife removal company located in Lindale, TX. We help families and homeowners end their anxiety by getting rid of unwanted wildlife pests on their property.

We care about your family and home and are committed to working non-stop until the problem is solved.


Roof Rats

Below is a list of the types of services offered by our nuisance wildlife control professionals. This line of work goes far beyond simple animal trapping. A true professional performs integrated pest management – we identify the root of the problem, and provide a complete solution to the critter problem.

Indeed, wildlife trapping can be a complex and potentially dangerous activity that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Without proper training, individuals may inadvertently harm themselves, the animals they’re trying to capture, or the environment. Trained professionals often understand animal behavior, appropriate trapping techniques, and ethical considerations necessary for humane wildlife management. Additionally, many jurisdictions have regulations and licensing requirements governing wildlife trapping to ensure the safety of both humans and animals. Therefore, it’s crucial for those interested in wildlife trapping to seek out comprehensive training and education before attempting such activities.


Here are a few services that APS Wildlife Trapping Division can perform and are licensed to handle wildlife management and pest control. These services often require specialized knowledge and training to effectively address issues related to wildlife intrusion, damage, and health hazards. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. Wildlife Trapping: Capturing and relocating nuisance wildlife species safely and humanely.

  2. Animals in the Attic: Removal of animals such as squirrels, raccoons, or bats that have invaded the attic space of a building.

  3. Animal Damage Repairs: Repairing structural damage caused by wildlife, such as chewed wires, torn insulation, or damaged roofing.

  4. Preventative Measures: Implementing strategies to prevent future wildlife intrusions, such as sealing entry points and installing deterrents.

  5. Attic Cleanup and Restoration: Cleaning and sanitizing the attic space after wildlife removal to remove droppings, nests, and odors.

  6. Odor Control: Addressing unpleasant odors caused by animal waste or decomposition.

  7. Noises In Walls or Attic: Investigating and resolving issues related to strange sounds or noises coming from within the walls or attic, often indicative of wildlife activity.

  8. Bat and Bird Control: Safely removing and deterring bats and birds from nesting in or around buildings.

  9. Property and Yard Services: Providing services to maintain the property and yard to minimize conditions that attract wildlife, such as overgrown vegetation or accessible food sources.

  10. Emergency Service: Responding to urgent wildlife-related situations, such as animals trapped inside the living spaces of a home or business.

  11. Dead Animal Removal: Removing deceased wildlife from indoor or outdoor areas to prevent health hazards and odors.

These services are typically offered by professional wildlife control companies or pest management professionals who have the expertise and equipment necessary to address wildlife-related issues safely and effectively. Additionally, they often adhere to ethical and legal guidelines regarding wildlife management and conservation.

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APS Wildlife Removal Services are a phone call away.

We will get you the right answers or help when you call us.

How wildlife can damage your home or keep patrons from coming to your restaurant.

Wildlife can cause all kinds of damage, whether they are around or inside your home. Some common wildlife, such as raccoons, skunks, or pigeons, can build nests on your roof or in your attic that could result in significant roof damage. Groundhogs, armadillos, opossums, and raccoons may harm your gardens or landscaping by digging holes or eating plants. Pigeons, sparrows, and starlings can spread diseases by leaving behind droppings on or around your property.

Wildlife can be a real headache to control on your own, so it’s always best to contact a professional. APS has a long list of customers who we have helped over the years.  We are one of the best Wildlife Removal Companies in East Texas–our technicians have industry-leading knowledge and expertise to provide you with safe and effective wildlife removal and control services.

Do I Need To Call Animal Control Or Wildlife Removal Services?

Many of our customers are unsure whether they should call animal control in their city or county; or if they need a wildlife removal company.

Both services are similar, but distinct.

If you have unwanted domesticated animals at your home, such as dogs or cats, Tyler or Smith County animal control offers the help you need. However, suppose you have wildlife in your home or on your property. In that case, our wildlife removal company in Tyler and Lindale will resolve your problem quickly.

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